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Jewelry Design, 3D Printing,
and Casting.

We make the process from design to a finished casting simple and fast.

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Our Services

Precise 3d Printing

We use top of the line Solidscape printers, which are set to the highest resolution. These models produce flawless castings.

Precious Metal Casting

We can cast any model in 14K, 18K, Silver .925, Platinum, and Brass.

High Quality CAD

All designs done by experts who are certified in CAD/CAM by the GIA.

Precious Metal Casting
The absolute best

Computer Aided Design

We work one on one with you to create a custom piece of jewelry. We can design any kind of ring, pendant, bracelet, or earring.

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Cutting Edge

High Precision 3D Printing

Every model we print is a castable wax with a perfectly smooth surface.

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Stunning Graphics
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